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A Ready-to-Go solution: Hardware, Software, Cloud and Consulting


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IoT Devices in Standard and Customized solutions, powered by battery or by power line.


App, Web or ERP m2m connection: we have the competences for your success.

Research and Consulting

Do you have just the Idea? We can provide you everything, up to the final delivery to the customer.


We have a special feeling for Small and Medium Enterprises.

We make the difference
From the Idea to the product: a single partner
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XtendSenses S.r.l.s.

P.Iva: IT02017730389

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  Legal Address: via IV Novembre 33, 44021 Codigoro  (Ferrara) Italy

R&D: via Quarasi 2, 16012 Busalla (Genova) Italy

  Telephone: +39 010 7767919


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